Saturday, March 6, 2010

Eversion Level Editor released!

It's finally here! The level editor you have been waiting for! What are you waiting for? Go download it now!


Demonstrating some capabilities of an older version of the editor. This version uses software rendering GDI, which was incredibly slow. The newer version employs OpenGL, and therefore it's fast(er)! Also, I'm not liking fraps for video recording. It took me all day to get that video onto youtube without any video/audio syncing issues.

Visual C++ 2010 RC1 runtime libraries (included with download) -> vcredist_x86.exe

Eversion Level Editor 1.3 and EversionMod 1.0
Eversion Level Editor 1.0


  1. I know you may get this a lot, but I've got an idea for the editor.
    The objects could be selected and used by a menu, where the valid hex codes are grouped into things such as "Changed by Eversion", "Blocks" and such, and named with a short description of what they are. Just a plain list would do also.
    It could be selected by an XML file, which could easily be edited.
    I'm talking about a list inspired by the one in Lunar Magic, which I think would really make the process of editing these levels a lot simpler.

  2. Has anyone else tried to use the EversionMod files, and noticed the game crashing every time they start it? I have.. I get a script error every time I restart, and all I did like the readme said, was to replace the 3 scripts in Eversion with the ones that came with the level editor/EversionMod. Anyone?

  3. Do I wish it worked on Eversion HD!

  4. how do you use the editor?