Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Video Game in a Week -- Day 4

Well, grim news. I have to put this project on hiatus; this is going to take longer than a week, and I plan to finish it sometime over the summer. Right now, I'm just gonna enjoy my spring break. Here's a semi-playable demo*. At the moment, there's no gameplay elements other than maneuvering; there's no dying, no obstacles, etc. I've tried testing MarbleRun on another computer, and the materials turned up black. Not sure how to fix it, but I'll worry about it later. Another curious thing, when you set the direction of the light towards the south-west corner of the map causes the stencil shadows to go crazy. Also not sure how to fix, but I'm pretty sure it may have to do with ProBoolean not liking the level, i.e. a large chunk of the mesh is removed when I try to combine it with a mesh.

*Heh, if I were to call this a game, I'd be in the same boat as "Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing." Therefore MarbleRun stands as a demo.

Move the mouse to orient the camera
Right mouse button sets the light direction
Space resets the player to the start
The keys W, S, A, and D maneuver the marble FPS style.

Visual C++ 2010 RC1 Runtime Libraries (not included with download)

MarbleRun alpha .3

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