Tuesday, March 30, 2010

EversionMod 1.2 bug fixes

I've fixed the gem counting problem for levels before level 8. Also, the HUD is not drawn for level 8; place a 0xDB tile anywhere in the area8.map to force drawing of the HUD for that map. Conversely, place a 0xDA anywhere in a map to hide the HUD for that map. In addition to these tiles, there's also a 0xDC tile which forces the 7-8 gem warp to update according to how many gems the player has collected. This allows the player to collect all the gems on the last level and return to the 7-8 gem warp and eversion. In the original Eversion, you would need to restart the level in order for the 7-8 gem warp to update.

You can't reach these tiles normally, you'll have to turn off "Available tiles only" from the edit menu to get to them, or you can edit "./data/tileLayout.txt" and "./data/tiles.png" and add the 0xDA to 0xDC tiles manually. Closing all the windows in EversionEditor and then opening another window will force the reloading of tileLayout.txt and tiles.png.

EversionMod 1.0

EversionMod 1.2


  1. Too bad the EversionMod doesn't work with the HD version of Eversion. XD I was all set to make my own HD levels too.

    I guess I'll have to stick with the vanilla version for that. (I would do it myself but scripting is way over my head.)

    (Also, in your documentation, the install instructions for EMod are backward. >.>; It says to overwrite the EMod files with the default Eversion files, even though you do the opposite in the video.)

    Still, epic work. n_n

  2. Hello Fastcall22, is there a way to contact you ? I am working on a fully extended meta version of Eversion and basicly, making longer levels thank to your help and editor. I would love to explain you the project in detail. you can contact me on admin@pawsome.us if you ever read this message.

    best regard.

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  4. Hello, I'm intersted in these files, but they seem out of reach since they're down. Are these from the HD version? Would there be a way to put them back up?