Sunday, March 14, 2010

Video Game in a Week -- Day 1

Got the whole week off of school; something about a Spring break epidemic or something. Anyways, about sometime last week I thought it would be a really cool idea if I can get a whole entire game completed in a week. After giving it some thought, I figured it would be a great way to pass the time! The game will be titled "Marble Run," a clone of my favorite marble games, Marble Madness and Hamsterball. I'll be programming in C++, using Ogre3D for rendering, OpenAL for audio, and Bullet for physics. Since I've chosen all open-source multi-platform technologies, I plan to make the source available on release.

Here's the target schedule:
  • Day 1: Basic application setup with Ogre
  • Day 2: Build sample level, integrate Bullet3d
  • Day 3: Gameplay elements and menus
  • Day 4: Asset creation
  • Day 5: Asset creation
  • Day 6: Asset creation, polishing
  • Day 7: Polishing, release

At the closing of the first day, I have accomplished the day's goal with a simple application, Ogre rendering, FPS-style movement and mouse-look:

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